A Perfect Day

We are posting the wedding photos you have been waiting to see! The exciting double wedding day was fantastic. Most of the details came together smoothly. No tripping on dresses, no crashing wedding cakes. There were only two small mishaps, which are now some of my favorite memories to chuckle over. Chad and I were at the alter enjoying the sweet moment of exchanging rings. As I went to slide his ring on, it got stuck on his knuckle. We were laughing as I struggled to finally get the ring in place.

Becca and Bryan had a comical moment at the alter, too. The pastor turned to them and pronounced them Mr. And Mrs. Bryan Nicholson by the power of the state of Oklahoma. The wrong state! All of our guests were roaring with laughter as the pastor corrected himself with the state of Colorado!

The wedding was beautiful, unforgettable and everything we hoped it to be. Leaving the church at the end of the reception, I wondered what other traffic on the road thought as they saw not one, but two cars driving away with “Just Married” written on the back.

Reflecting on the day I realize the most important part of a wedding is the relationships. Joining two lives, and two families (in our case three families). In many modern weddings, so much of the fuss and emphasis is on getting the look of the wedding just right. But, the heart of the wedding is the only thing that matters. During the process of a double wedding, I had to choose relationship over my own opinion. What color should the font be on the invitation? Who goes down the aisle first? Which one of us gets the real first dance? It was easy to decide these things because we have learned to value each other and our relationships over the little details of life. This is the goal of family and friends, not just weddings.

In the end, the church, the group of Christians you call yourself a part of, should be constantly at work to lift each other up. No matter what event you plan, Christmas pageant or summer picnic, God is most glorified when we are most unified. Jesus prayed that His followers would be one just as He and the Father are one (John 17:21). This is a high calling. As you pursue your passions, seek fulfillment of your life dreams, remember to also pursue unity in the Body of Christ at the same time. In this, Jesus will always be glorified. -Elissa

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