Along For The Ride

On Valentines Day my husband and I began our crazy trip from Colorado to California. While most couples were planning dinner reservations and buying flowers, we were about to drive 1,200 miles!

My husband tours with the Jared Anderson band throughout the year.  You may know Jared’s worship songs, “Amazed” or “Hear Us From Heaven”.  Many people wonder how we make it work in a marriage with two full time touring musicians.  Well, we are home often for starters.  And we find loads of excuses to jump on tour with each other’s band!

For no other reason than a disdain for being apart from each other, Chad and I decided to drive the band’s van across the country to meet up with Jared’s tour this February. Except for the tire we had to change in Laramie Wyoming, it was a superb Valentines Day.

My big idea was to hit Salt Lake City for some shopping on the way, and then settle in Lake Tahoe before crossing into California. Lake Tahoe was a highlight boasting magnificent sunshine!  Did you know Lake Tahoe never freezes – it’s too deep.  And perfectly clear water, you can see right to the bottom.  Amazing!

Catching up with the guys on the road was fun. I managed 3 days with them! (8 guys and 1 girl in a van can have it’s hilarious moments.)  It wasn’t too rough for a girl who knows tour life better than most. We kept our spirits high in Sacramento with In-N-Out down the street!  (In-N-Out is the most famous burger joint)

I’m welcoming Chad back home this week! Next, I’m up to bat touring-wise with a trip in March to Pennsylvania.  Can’t wait!


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