Football Frenzy

On tour last month, Becca and Bryan invited me and Chad for a pizza/football-watching night.  Chad and I weren’t up on our football much for this season, but Becca has caught the football fever Bryan has for Clemson, his alma mater.  Commonly Becca will jump off the couch with hands in the air for a Clemson touch down. And this was an exciting game.  Lots of shouting and finally Clemson won.  We all agreed to return for the Orange Bowl where Clemson would end the season by playing for the title.

Over at Becca and Bryan’s for the Bowl last week, they were on the couch suited up with Clemson attire and all the frenzy for a memorable championship. Well, if any of you are sharp on your recent sports facts, Clemson made a shocking record for losing the worst.  We couldn’t even watch after they were 40 points down. The final score hurt for even a non-football-fan like me.

But what about those Denver Broncos?  They certainly helped sooth the wound of Clemson’s loss when they beat the Steelers this weekend.  Our whole state is catching a crazy hype over Tebow and rightly so. Good things are happening and I’m proud to live in Colorado where football is exciting for even the non-fans like me.


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