High notes and unexpected lessons

I was recently asked about my most embarrassing moment. Luckily for them, it had happened the day before and I had a quick answer. We were leading worship and I added a song to the set list last-minute, but forgot what key we normally play it in. It came time in the set for the song, and I began playing it in the wrong key, which was several steps higher than what I was used to. The chorus came around, and the note I was stretching for was so high the glass windows could have shattered. I saw the look on Elissa’s face, and as sisters we knew exactly what each other was thinking…quick…move on to the next song!!!

I learned to double check the song key from then on. And engrained in me when I remember that moment is that it’s not about me.

True freedom is living without the pressure to impress. I’m not singing to make friends. Embarrassing moment or not, I’m just being obedient to follow Jesus, what He asks me to do, and that is to serve Him by serving people.


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