How Great You Are featured today!

New Release Tuesday is featuring our song, co-written with Jared Anderson, How Great You Are today! It’s a song with a relevant message for us in this moment, as our city begins to heal from a painful week. Over 350 homes burned on the west side of Colorado Springs as 65 mph winds blew a wildfire out of control on Tuesday, June 26th. Since then, our home church has been a source of relief and blessing as several trucks of supplies have been unloaded and given away this past weekend. God is always turning a bad situation into something good, and I can see that firsthand in the way people are caring for one another. Suddenly, we’re meeting our neighbors and truly caring about people that also call this city home.

We came back to our house, and were relieved to find no smoke damage. Instead, the house had an unusual, peaceful fragrance. There is no explanation for this, since the smoke was thick inside the house when we evacuated on Tuesday. The stucco has a dark tint of ash on the outside of it.

How Great You Are is a song that declares that God is a Father who loves us, who is always revealing more reasons we can worship Him. Today I’m finding so many reasons to raise my hands and thank Him, singing “How Great You Are”.


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