Lifting Clouds

It’s been gray for what seems like forever here.  Fog has set in low today and the mountains are just an imagination.  Do you ever feel like your circumstances reflect this? Is your heart desperate for the sun to peek through and break the heavy clouds?

I’m aching for the sun. Its rays bring in the season of summer we are all becoming impatient for!  But I wonder if this extended grayness could be a reminder to check the weather internally.

The idea of our conferences, Made To Shine, comes from Christ’s words about light. He is the light, and He has given us Himself to be light in us. Once we find Him in the foggy moments and lift our hearts to Him, the light breaks in.  The focus goes back to His love, grace and immeasurable strength.

I need that today.

We are made to shine, but is there a cloud over our hearts, keeping us from living out this God-given destiny?  Bring it to Him, and humbly ask for His power at work within You to release it.  It might take a minute, a day, a week, or more.  Inch by inch, the clouds will pull back and reveal a stunning scene.  Transformed by His grace, you will radiate a freedom and love that brings warmth and peace to those around you. It’s worth it!


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