Lumberjacks and Frozen Yogurt

We pulled up to LifeWay’s headquarters a week ago, excited for the Girls Ministry Forum. It was a great event!

While staying at a hotel nearby, we noticed many trailers and large vans parked outside. Most of them said “log homes”, “taxidermy”, and similar things (but, those things aren’t similar). Then I was asked the first morning if I was kept awake by noise coming from the Lumberjack convention. Thinking this was a joke, at first, but it ended up being totally true. The road is never a boring place…

We had a great time tracking in Franklin this week. Recording is not the easiest thing in the world (for me, at least). It stretches me, shows me my weaknesses but encourages me at the same time. I see how I’ve grown since the last recording. I am seeing these songs take shape, and it’s like building a house. Each step is important, and the process requires a lot of patience!
Something I realized is that it’s very common here for every other house to have a studio in their basement. It’s like every other house having a pool in Texas.
This is our last night in Franklin. We’re staying at the house of wonderful friends we knew in Colorado. Their dog “Snuggles” has become my favorite, but I must say goodbye in the morning.
Franklin is also home to “pinkberry”, my new favorite frozen yogurt in the world. And since they are opening a location in the Springs, I can enjoy it on a regular basis. That makes me happy.
Now I’m off to prepare my bass
guitar for TSA and pack to head back to high altitude and freezing temperatures. Home sweet home.

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