The Sonflowerz Attend Girls’ Ministry Forum 2011

The Sonflowerz will lead worship for the 2011 Annual Girls’ Ministry Forum at LifeWay in Nashville, TN on February 25th!

Pam Gibbs, coordinator for the event, blogs about 5 Reasons You Need To Attend.  Reason number five is:

“Christ-centered, soul-enriching worship. I’ve worked with our worship leaders, The Sonflowerz, for about two years as they have led worship at our You and Your Girl events. I’ve laughed with them. I’ve seen them patiently listen to third graders tell stories. I’ve heard their stories of mission trips. I’ve watched them honor Christ in their dating relationships and recently got to see photos of their double wedding (they’re sisters). I can attest that their hearts are humble (which you don’t always see in worship leaders, I’m sad to say). They love the Father. And they love to draw others to the Throne to experience Him.”

Read full article HERE.

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