Imagine Magazine Feature

Imagine: The Sonflowerz is a Christian sister duo. What is it like to get to work together as sisters in a music ministry?

Elissa: Working with Becca is awesome. We’re really different from each other and I think that’s what makes us a good team. It was paramount that we settled our differences early on. I remember really butting heads when we were kids, but that’s over for the most part now! Becca: I love it! As kids, we played on the same soccer team. I think that may have prepared us to be on this “team” together as a music ministry. We enjoy serving God and using our gifts for Him together.

Imagine: Is there a story behind the name of your group?

Elissa: 12 years ago, Becca and I were hanging out with a group of girls when we were contemplating the idea of starting a band. Someone suggested The Sonflowerz as a band name, and it clicked. A girl band with a girly name – that seemed perfect. Plus, we loved the picture a sunflower represented. A sunflower will face the sun in the sky throughout the day and this is how we want to live our lives, always setting our eyes on Jesus.

Imagine: Did you always feel God would lead you into music, or are you surprised at the direction God has taken you?

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