NRT Exclusive Interview with The Sonflowerz’s Cate Morris recently caught up with The Sonflowerz to find out about their latest album, released September 13, 2011. Prepare to be encouraged by the music and message of this “sister team” of Elissa Tipps and Rebecca (Becca) Nicholson.

We are excited about your new album that just came out called By Faith. Tell us some of the inspirations behind the songs and the theme of the album itself.
Elissa: I remember coming to Becca and saying “I really feel a new album is stirring in my heart.” I had been writing since our previous album All Over the World, and so we pulled together all the new songs and the theme of “being an overcomer” just rose up from them all. So, when I listen to the CD now that it is complete, it’s really doing something in my heart. Even now, listening back to the songs I have written, I hear the truth that God gave me to speak through these songs. It gives me the courage to say “Yes” to God even in the things that He asks me to do daily as I live for Him.
Becca: Several songs on By Faith really express our hearts for young women. We have a song on album called “Made to Shine.” We wrote it about a girl who came to one of our concerts and had been through a lot of bullying and rejection at school. Even though we didn’t get to meet her, we heard about her story and we wanted to write a song for her, and really for anyone who needs to know they were made to shine for God’s glory and to know their value in Christ.
A few of the songs just talk to girls specifically, and when we have opportunities to play for girls’ events we really love to share our heart and encourage them. So when people hear the record, they will hear a couple songs that really speak to some issues that girls face.

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