The Sonflowerz “My Adoration” Hits #2 on the CRW INSPO Chart This Week!

Radio single “My Adoration” has been on the CRW INSPO charts for 16 weeks, and with this week’s peak of #2 it continues its upward chart momentum. It has been in the Top 5 for 8 weeks and is currently spinning on over 300 stations across the U.S. The growing interest in the group’s new CD also caught the attention of the largest church in North America. The Lakewood children’s choir from Joel Osteen’s Church in Houston, TX performed music featured on The Sonflowerz CD during weekend services.

When Covenant Artist Agency signed a booking deal with The Sonflowerz, Mike Holeton, president of Covenant Artist Agency said, “My partner and I were listening to The Sonflowerz CD. Three songs into it we knew these young ladies were something special. We feel blessed to be able work with The Sonflowerz to help them take their ministry to the next level.” The Covenant Artist Agency also represents artists such as Aaron Greer Band, Wayne Watson and FFH.

Outside of the U.S., The Sonflowerz are making an impact on radio. Their first international single “All Over The World” went to #1 in the NCM European Christian music chart earlier this month.

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