The Ultimate Wedding

So much of our busy lives create layers of stress and anxiety. To-do lists, worries and concerns about money, relationships, family, school, employment all take their tolls on our capacity to thrive, and live with true joy. These little burdens try to weigh us down, and together they can become a heavy load! I’m in the midst of wedding planning, and although it’s an awesome adventure to be enjoyed, there are moments of stress and concern for things to work out well. I hear from wise friends that everything will fall into place. Even if it seems like scattered puzzle peices.

But we all have another wedding day on the horizon. Every one of us who have given our hearts to Jesus Christ will be invited to celebrate the wedding feast of the Lamb. And while I’m planning my 6-hour extravaganza and getting caught up on the color of ribbon for the vases, my Savior is planning too. Planning to return for His people, a Bride who will be spotless. As a church, are we planning this too? In our hearts, are we making room for His arrival? Have we cluttered up our lives that we have no thoughts of God? I’m convicted as I write this, to lay all else aside so that the primary mission is to know Jesus and bring Him glory. I want to be found serving, loving and giving my all to Him when He returns.

That will be the ultimate wedding!

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