TOP 5: Things to do with Mom

It’s Mother’s day soon.  Gotta shower your Mom with flowers, chocolate, trip to the salon, her favorite coffee shop… whatever it may be. Just two words of advice. GO BIG.

We travel with our Mom so we’re always coming up with fun things to do in between the “getting places”.  A few weeks ago we looked on our phone maps to find how to get to the “tulip farms” we had heard so much about.  Right before our flight took off, we made it to the tulips, because we’re girls and all girls love flowers. Period.

Here’s our recommendation for TOP 5 Things to do with Mom.  Try some out, and post a comment to add to this!

No. 5

Nails. There’s something so girly and fun about going to a nail salon.  And coming out with trendy, cool nails is a thrill to me.  There’s no one better to do this with then your mom!

No. 4

Travel. Maybe your mom isn’t the nails type. But going places with mom is a definite good time. Time for a road trip! My mom and I have been to the UK over 20 times together, Paris, Wales and nearly all 50 states… Got to get Alaska under our belt!

No. 3

Garden. On Saturday mom came over to my house to do some digging. We are planting a joint veggie garden. It was so awesome dreaming and planning this out with her. I can’t wait to have so much zucchini that we both don’t know what to do with. 🙂 AND wellington boots. The gardening must-have.

No. 2

Cook.  Enough said. Everyone’s got to eat and mom knows how to serve up the very best. I love learning my mom’s secrets and sharing some of my own with her. (She always made this amazing strawberry cake for our birthdays growing up. I’ve put in a request to bring it back this year.)

And No. 1 is..

Pray. Moms that pray are out of this world cool. Only one thing is better – praying with that mom.  If you’ve never done this, I’m telling you it’s so worth it. Step out and make praying with your mom a regular occurrence. -Elissa

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