Beaches of Hawaii

There are some places on earth everyone should see. Going to Maui last year checked off one on my list. Crystal blue sky, turquoise ocean, breeze blowing through your hair as your toes sink in to soft sand. (The picture on the right is of Elissa and I in Maui last month while on vacation with our fam)

Ok, ok.. wait a minute. It’s snowing here in Colorado and I’m tempted to grumble about it.

To turn a corner completely, have you ever counted how many books you have? I think its funny how many collections of books I have that I don’t read. Coffee table books. Gift books (that I will “read someday”). Books that interested you in the store but now stand rejected on your shelf and are collecting years of dust.

I’m not going to gather all my unnecessary books and donate them. I’m not even going to rearrange them. I’m just going to keep them on the shelf as possibilities for a rainy day. I may flip open one and read a page or two, or I may not.

That’s why I think blogs are a great idea. They don’t take up space on a shelf yet they can be filled with a million chapters.

So let the blogging begin!


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