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Girls Devotional Book

Let’s face it, girls come up against all kinds of obstacles in our culture. Peer pressure alone can bring an onslaught of identity crisis, self-hatred, depression and loneliness. Add in the fatherless factor, which nearly one-third of kids in the US tackle, and you have a desperate generation of girls looking for answers.

Starting out as a song written for a teen girl crushed by bullying, MADE TO SHINE has become an anthem for young women everywhere, created with purpose and infused with God’s love. Elissa and Becca share their real, honest stories and unrelenting passion for Jesus Christ in every page. Get to know these sisters, who have stood in your flip-flops, faced challenges in relationships, and asked the hard questions of life in this 33-day devotional for girls aged 11 – 18.

Click here to read an excerpt from Made To Shine: Girls-Only 33-Day Devotional

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