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Learn more about an exciting event for young women! Launched in 2014, we’ve taken this event to Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Oregon and Ohio, and New York.  To host an event, click here for frequently asked questions.

“I’m a big fan of Elissa and Becca, better known as The Sonflowerz, and love their heart for young women. This book’s message is so vital right now and it will be a valuable tool and resource in your journey to becoming a more devoted follower of Jesus.” – Pastor Brady Boyd, New Life Church

“The level of diligence, communication, and excellence that the Sonflowerz put on with this event has greatly blessed our church.” -Pastor Mark Bofill • Calvary Worship Center

“Quite simply, it’s the best ministry of its kind I’ve ever seen.” -Pastor Patrick Farrell • Calvary Chapel Wichita

“The testimonies of what the Lord did at the event were nothing short of amazing.” -Susan Ferguson, Women’s Ministry Leader, High Mill Church

You can radiate God’s love to the world around you. Share your SHINE story and encourage others to do the same.
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  1. I have to go through what Nicole in 4th grade. it was a devastating time. I just decided to become them until one of my worst days. God saw me crying in my room from bullying and my dad was deployed so he couldn’t help me. Then God came to me and said to me to shine to the world even if its hard. And I heard him and I decided to change my acting’s and show my school who I really I am without the bulling capturing me. my teachers saw me shine and I did too. So now I don’t let the bulling come to me and help other people shine.

    • DeAnna, I love hearing your story about how God met you were you were at with bullying. Nicole is the girl who we wrote the song Made To Shine for and it’s so awesome that you have overcome… like the words in the song “MORE than the stars in the night sky, YOU were made to shine.” Live it girl!! We’re rooting for you!

  2. I have been a Christian ever since I was a little kid, but I never knew what it really meant until one day in the 6th grade I lay on my bed just after church and thought about what God really means. I remember crying. It was a wonderful feeling. I was not sad or devastated. I was happy about all He had done for me in my life. Being a Christian isn’t just about religion. It is a relationship with the greatest person in the universe. It totally rocked my world that God wanted to know me and be my best friend for life.

    I need to post another story. My friend Samantha came to the Made To Shine program at Calvary Church with me. We have been friends for two years. She was kinda scared of God. One time at our lunch table she told Starla and I that every month her family had to go to the priest and tell him all their sins. She started to tell him and he said that she needed to come back later. They left the Catholic Church and she was scared away from God. Since Starla and I have been friends with her she has kind of shown interest in Christ. She knows that we make mistakes and we are forgiven. Sometimes she asks questions and we answer them. We don’t push her, but I think the conference really helped her to know who God is and that He wants to be her BFF. Thank you so much!

    • Olivia, It’s so cool that you were bold to bring your friends from school. Way to go! We are so excited that you were all there at the very first MADE TO SHINE! Keep shining for God! -elissa

  3. I love you girls so much!! You girls sang so beautifully at the concert!! I’m going to buy the book I cant wait to read it it’s going to be so peeeeeerfect!!! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!! BTW loved your new videos. Hey Becca nice job with the piano in the video, I would think it would be hard to sing and play an instrument at the same time:) And Elissa I love your eyes!!! Also I really liked both of your outfits at the concert and on the two videos!!! At the concert I bought the Sonflowerz CD and the “Alive In You CD. I listened to them they were faaaaaantaaaaastiiiiic!!! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!! Keep in touch Ellisa and Becca!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I first remeber hearing about you all at HeavenFest 2010 and since then I have really wanted to meet you all personally. I love your music and am movved by it. If there is anyway possible I would love toeet with your beautiful women and share my testimony with you both. I live in denver, Colorado. If that is at all possible please feel free to lete know.

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