Hello Nashville!

It’s Sunday afternoon. The birds are chirping outside, preparing us for a new day of tracking! The CD is underway, and it’s going to be a fun process this week as we focus on guitars, bass and drums. Chad and Elissa are nailing the guitars, and I will handle the bottom end.

Right now we’re at Kent Hooper’s house doing guitars. He is also mixing the project, but not yet…first thing’s first! We got to pull the song together and add instruments, vocals, and probably other things as creativity sparks.
Yesterday we finished a conference called the Girls Ministry Forum at LifeWay. Downtown Nashville is a great place, but we mainly saw a few square blocks of it walking to and from our hotel to the venue. I learned so much this weekend, it almost felt as if I was attending and not leading worship. But the times of gathering for worship together were incredible. God’s presence was real and tangible.
We met so many girls and adult women who had a great calling for ministry, simply normal people serving and volunteering at their church. They were all about giving – not getting. Serving is only through giving. I learned that in a fresh way from these women.
I’m so glad God gives us opportunities to grow even as we lead worship and “give” out. I enjoyed going to church with the Hicks family and just absorbing this morning. Now for some music…

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