Love is…

I love designing rooms. I love Chick-Fil-A. I love Starbucks Vanilla Lattes. But love is much deeper than that…Love is about people.

Today I’ve been thinking about the relationships that are closest to me. My husband Bryan and I enjoy serving the Lord together and are committed to doing marriage with Him at the center. It’s also a journey that God has used to sharpen my character. My family relationships are a gift from God. They know me so well and yet love unconditionally.

If love is about people, how should that affect us on a daily basis, if we are to be people who love well? I heard a truly profound perspective on worship from Tim Hughes yesterday:

“Worship much more than singing songs. It’s about our response to a God who first loved us. God is love and when His followers live as He encourages us through the Bible to live, it makes a difference in society. We begin to love people. When we worship and connect with God we catch His heart and His vision. We are loved by God so that we can love those around us.”

I love to lead worship, but this is a reminder to me that it’s not about what I do on-stage; it’s mainly about what I do off-stage. Love is about people. Worship is about God. It’s not about us.


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