Made To Shine: Frequently Asked Questions

What is it? MADE TO SHINE is an exciting girl’s event OR a mother/daughter event hosted by The Sonflowerz.

Does it cost anything to attend? That is up to the Host Church or Sponsor to decide! If you decide to have tickets, is our suggested platform.

What is the event topic/focus? Much of the topics covered at MADE TO SHINE are drawn from The Sonflowerz’ new book, MADE TO SHINE. This daily devotional dives into a variety of topics relating to young women.

Stories and Scriptures relate to each chapter’s theme, and includes: self-esteem, beauty, going deeper in knowing Christ, knowing His purpose for your life, navigating friendships, relationships and overcoming common struggles like fear, depression, drama or loneliness.

The Sonflowerz share some of their own personal stories, desiring that every girl sees God for who He is, and sees herself through His eyes. The goal is for all who attend to be inspired to allow God to shine through her into her world.

For which age group? All girls are welcome with ages ranging from 10 – 18 years old (approximately). Of course, moms, mentors and youth leaders can be any age.

Do you come with a band or just the 2 of you? We prefer to bring our band, though we can come acoustically.

What is required of the venue? We will ask for volunteers to lead a breakout session (we can provide ideas and an outline if requested), provide snacks for attendees, register girls when doors open, decorations in advance, and sound personnel to mix the live music, PowerPoint presentation and videos on screen. The Sponsor or Host will negotiate an honorarium for The Sonflowerz which will cover travel and ministry expenses. Hotel costs for The Sonflowerz are covered by the Sponsor as well.

How do we tell people about it? Once a date is set, there are a variety of ways you can get the word out: radio, local churches, community events, Homeschool associations, girls’ homes, Christian schools, FCA meetings, YoungLife, Foster care ministries and more.

We will provide promotional materials that you can personalize and print as posters or flyers. We will also send you links to promotional videos to share at churches and on social media.

We recommend having girls register in advance for MADE TO SHINE, in order to prepare for the number of breakout rooms and leaders needed, as well as a count for snacks or meals.


“The Made to Shine event was a blessing to our congregation at Calvary Worship Center as we witnessed hundreds of girls positively respond to the message. In their breakout groups, the girls were spoken to on an age relevant basis about how to apply the content of the main sessions to their daily lives. The fruit of this event was apparent by the end of the night as more young ladies had formed relationships with one another, and had clearly grasped the awesome concept that God has made them to shine His light into this world! The level of diligence, communication, and excellence that the Sonflowerz put on with this event has greatly blessed our church, and I gladly recommend this event to any host that is looking for such an event to bless the young girls in their church.” – Pastor Mark Bofill, Calvary Worship Center,

“Bring Made to Shine to your church! Becca and Elissa are down-to-earth, servant-hearted sisters who will connect with the young women of your community quickly, speak to them passionately, encourage them lovingly, and share Jesus with them powerfully. Quite simply, it’s the best ministry of its kind I’ve ever seen.” -Patrick Farrell, Senior Pastor • Calvary Chapel Wichita

“I can’t underscore how much of an impact the Made To Shine Event has had on the young ladies of High Mill Church, as well as the mothers and mentors in their lives. The encouragement they received from the Sonflowerz on how much Jesus loves them, what He thinks about them, and how He has made them to shine, has impacted many of these young girls to begin seeing themselves as God sees them. The testimonies of what the Lord did at the event were nothing short of amazing, and Elissa and Becca delivered a phenomenal set of sessions and time with the girls that have left a lasting impression on our church. Thank you ladies for following your call and for being light to so many young girls around this nation!” -Susan Ferguson, Women’s Ministry Leader, High Mill Church, Canton, OH