Off to the races!

Our new CD project is underway. We just spent 3 days co-writing with one of our producers Don Koch. He’s a great writer and producer, and we’re excited to work with him again. It’s going to be a great journey. I’m eager to see how these songs take shape and sound through speakers. I feel so ready to have a new album out this year.

Songs and albums have a way of representing where an artist is at their present season. If we’re going to remain true to artistry, we have to reflect the current place we’re at. We sense God is leading us in a direction into more worshipful songs. Yet we aren’t preparing to make a normal worship record. It’s not going to look just like a CCM record, either. We’ve always had our feet in both worlds, so to speak. Maybe that’s just where God has placed our feet. I find such peace in letting God plant us where He wants us.
We are also “indie” artists. Many definitions are made for the word “indie”, but I see so many different types of independent artists. Some are part-time, and some make a living out of it. We happen to love being independent right now, and have experienced the label side of things before. There have been many seasons since we started this 11 years ago…
Whatever the case is for indie artists, people shouldn’t validate their artistry based on record sales or numbers attending a concert. Some artists are never meant to fill stadiums. I much prefer some to sing for me in a small venue where I can chat with them afterwards, wouldn’t you agree? There is great purpose to that.
If you’re an indie artist, keep up the good work and don’t give up. If you’re doing what you love, and see the positive effects of it, don’t let petty things like MySpace friends numbers discourage you. Keep making great music and try your best to perform it everywhere possible…

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