Divinity Girlz Magazine highlights The Sonflowerz

1. How did you come up with the name for your band?

We started out as an all-girl band and chose the name the Sonflowerz because it fit us so well. And it describes what we want to be as a band and individuals. If you’ve ever seen a field of sunflowers, you know that they all follow the sun as it moves east to west in the sky throughout the day! We want to follow Son of God in the same way, as the Bible says “Fix your eyes on Jesus” in Hebrews 12:2.

2. What style of music do you play?

Acoustic Rock

3. When was the group formed?

The Sonflowerz didn’t have a traditional beginning for a band. Our first gigs were invitations from churches to lead worship in our hometown in Colorado. I was about 15 when I picked up the guitar and began singing. Writing songs quickly followed in my times of playing guitar and worshipping God. It was in those times of worship that God put a desire in my heart to play music, although I didn’t know that would mean committing the next decade (and more) of my life to traveling and singing. Our first
concerts in 1999 were nothing more than hometown shows with family and friends.


4. What inspired you to form the group?

We loved playing together as sisters and jamming on our instruments with friends from youth group. It just made sense to go out and share our new songs with people who wanted to hear them. We didn’t know that those first concerts were actually the beginnings of The Sonflowerz. Inspiration to form the group came from the people who loved to listen to our music and the fun we had together.

5. Who are the members of the group and what do they do in the group?

Elissa – lead vocals, guitar, songwriting
Becca – vocals, guitar, bass, keys

We have a drummer, percussionist and electric guitarist that often tour with us as well!

6. How did all of you meet each other?

Elissa and I are sisters, and after moving to Colorado with our family we met friends in our youth group that also played instruments. There we began the band.

7. Where was the first place you performed together?

We played a song for our youth group in Colorado Springs

8. Where do you get ideas or inspiration for your songs?

I have had a love for writing since I was very young. My inspiration for songs comes from every place you can imagine. I’m always looking for new songs in every day life, on airplanes, in shops, in the Bible, in my
relationship with God. A tune comes, or a fresh lyric and I tuck it away on a note card so sometime I can return to work on the idea. The idea can grow into a song that communicates a strong message and often times the lyrics are rewritten to make the tune as powerful as it can be.


9. Who does the songwriting?

Both of us

10. How has God influenced the band?

The reason we started doing music came from a desire to worship God. I remember my first time really experiencing His presence in a powerful way when I was 12. While at a worship service with 4,000 teens at a conference I remember the joy they had as they worshiped God and I knew that was God calling me to know Him deeper and be a worshiper.

11. What do you want fans to come away with after listening to your music?

An idea or inspiration from the lyrics that God is real, wants a relationship with them, and loves them unconditionally.

12. Who is the most influential person that has affected your group? Why?

Our mom and dad always give us great advice and point us in the right direction. They are definitely the most influential people we know.

13. Do you have an amazing or funny story to tell fans about life?

As sisters growing up together, Elissa and I were always sharing. We shared friends, a soccer team, clothes, and toys. I remember one day as a younger sister, about 5 or 6, I thought she should share her Halloween candy as well, but she wasn’t very happy to find me eating her stash! I thought he couldn’t get through it all by herself so she’d need the help. -Becca

14. What is the band’s greatest accomplishment?

I really felt blessed to accomplish our 3rd CD. We joined with producer and Dove award winner Don Koch and brought out our best musically and lyrically. The growth we’ve had since our first albums is obvious in the 11 tracks, but our mission has remained the same: to worship God and point the way to Him. It’s not a traditional worship album, but there is a theme of worship throughout.


15. What is each member’s favorite food?

Elissa – I love strawberries
Becca – Italian food, chocolate, fruit

16. What is each member’s favorite hobby when not at work?

Elissa – that’s a hard one. I love spending times with friends when I’m not on the road!
Becca – interior design, and anything that involves the outdoors

17. Where is home for the band?

Foothills of the Rocky Mountains! In Colorado Springs, CO

18. What do you remember most about being a teenager?

Friendships. During those years is really when you form lifelong friendships and decide the kind of friend you want to be. Some friendships didn’t last, but the ones that did last were built on a foundation of honesty, heart for the Lord, and selflessness.


19. What advice or words would you give to teen girls today?

Don’t be afraid to lead! The girls around you, at your school, church, hometown, are looking for someone to show them a better way to live. The world leaves us empty and dry if we put all our hope there. But as a woman of God you can lead by living as an example, showing your friends the value and love God has for them.

1st Timothy 4:12 “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.”


20. What bible verse is the one you most like or feel connected to and why?

John 15:4 “Remain in me and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself, it must remain on the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”

This is a verse that has always spoken loudly to me. Everyday I need to remind myself not to do things on my own, without God’s presence and guidance. If I am weak, he is strong, and if I am giving out in any way, he is my source. Especially as I have been traveling and performing concerts, I seek to abide in Christ so that I may be fruitful in all I am doing.


21. What song means the most to the band? Why?

Every song has deep meaning to us personally, but specifically, “My Adoration”. It is a worship song that I wrote on a day that was particularly hard to get through. It was a day that I felt overwhelmed with too much to do and I had to slow down to set my eyes on Jesus. It’s only when we empty ourselves at the feet of Christ, and allow the platform of worship to be where we live our lives from, that we can be free of the things that weigh us down. -Elissa


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