Two songs featured on ABC Family Network series

The Sonflowerz “All Over the World” theme song and new single “More Than I Think I Am” are now featured on ABC Family Network series.

Conrad Ricketts, the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of the Emmy Award winning television series: Extreme Makeover Home Edition, along with Rick Bieber Producer/Director and the former President of HBO Films launched their newest television series- One Good Turn with Joey T.

The show premiered this month with “All Over The World”, the title track of The Sonflowerz latest release, as the show’s theme song.

Joey T. says, “When we first heard the song “All Over the World”, it was perfect for the show.

It gives the show opening such great energy.” The Sonflowerz latest single, “More Than I Think I Am” was also part of the series’ premier episode.

“One Good Turn with Joey T’s” television series travels into communities knocking on doors and motivating neighbors to come together to help one of their own.

Worship Leader Magazine recently reviewed The Sonflowerz new album saying “…their heartfelt lyrics are outstanding.

A couple tracks are so authentically worshipful that they could be incorporated in your praise set list…”. I

n October, “Cover Us”, a worship offering off their new album, was chosen to be included in Worship Leader Magazine’s compilation, “SongDiscovery”, a CD sent to worship leaders across the nation.

On the European front, the top rated British produced “” says of the Sonflowerz:
“Though The Sonflowerz doesn’t reinvent the pop-rock wheel across the latest effort’s 11 cuts, there’s an appealing sunny side to its acoustic-centered craftsmanship, making it particularly enjoyable in summertime settings.”

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