Thoughts on a Windy Day

In these last few days I have seen so many leaves flying around like fireworks just set off. Powerful gusts of wind come rushing toward our house set on a bluff in Colorado Springs. Whatever is not anchored will be blown around until the wind dies down. This includes garbage cans! I just hope those cans aren’t full!

I’m noticing that the trees that surround my house are so anchored into the soil that they are the only things not carried away. Their roots go deep while leaves and litter take flight. The trees battle the wind and are pushed and pulled. But tomorrow they will still be there.

This depth of a root system keeps them grounded. One of the greatest things we can ever strive for is to be like these trees.

We must be grounded! Yet, we must set our hearts on things above! How does that work?

Setting my heart on things above takes courage. The strong winds of the lower things push and pull for my heart. There are days that my heart wanders. Our hearts contain our deepest dreams, hopes and affections. What we are drawn to. What we long for. If we set our hearts on the lower things of life (temporary happiness, relationships outside of Christ, material ownership) we will be carried away by the winds.

We are called to a courageous journey. To setting our hearts on things above. What is above? Christ, who is seated at the right hand of God. In Him are hidden the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Setting my heart on Christ is a choice. The winds come (distractions, disappointments) and try to blow me over. But if my roots are deep enough, clinging to the soil of my relationship with Christ and knowing Him intimately, I will be victorious.

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