We Are Adored

I just got back from a fun and packed weekend at the Adored girls conference at Mission Hills church in Denver. What a weekend! I just love girls events, for many reasons…I can wear as much pink as I want, say goofy things that only girls understand, and laugh about boys, to name a few. As girls we all share in a common need to be loved. Guys need to be loved too, but there’s just something unique about the need for us girls to be loved by our Heavenly Father. It defines us. Without it, are are left to search for love elsewhere only to find it out of reach. In John 15:9 Jesus says, “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.” Truly accepting and knowing the love of the Father, demonstrated through Christ, is life-changing. For me, it came at a time when I needed to know my worth and my value.

When I was a pre-teen, at youth event, I chose to surrender my heart to God. My personal walk with Him began. But there still came a time a few years later that I realized I had not fully understood His love. I struggled with comparing myself. I thought other girls had better hair, clearer complexions, and more contagious personalities. I slightly cringed when pictures of me were taken up close, sure that they would expose my acne and blemishes. I kept this insecurity hidden, and tried to seem confident. I still pursued God in my quiet times, and poured out my heart to Him. I knew I needed to give Him these things. It wasn’t until I reacted badly to my parents one day in front of a friend that my deep insecurities came out. My friend asked me later what was wrong. I actually didn’t know, but was embarrassed by it. I had just been feeling down about my appearance, and took it out on those around me. What was in my heart began to surface. It was kind of a wake-up call from God, saying to me, you’re worth more than you think right now. I wanted to be the godly Christian, the Christ-example, but with that insecurity in my heart, I was hindered.

From that point on, I walked more confidently in Christ’s love, and less dependent on measuring up to the world’s standard of beauty. I actually chose not to buy fashion magazines because I new they could create new insecurities to tempt me to compare and compete. I sought out friends who shared this desire. Of course, some of my teen friends were caught in the cycle of comparing. It came out in the conversations we had. I just want to be more tan. I’m so fat right now. I wished they could have the kind of revelation I had, of how God sees them. Because truly, we are adored. We are adored by our Heavenly dad, who created us in His image and loves us with an everlasting love. It won’t fade over time, not when more wrinkles come and we grow older. It’s the kind of love we crave as girls, and it’s only found in Jesus.

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