What a weekend!

We made our way down a narrow dirt road to find ourselves at a stage overlooking an amazing view where many rivers meet. This was yesterday, at Swiftwaters Music Festival at Chop Point Camp in Woolwich, Maine! We got to know Building 429 (see left, pictured with some of the band), Laura Story and Mark Harris. All of us came on stage for a worship song at the end, and then we enjoyed a lobster dinner! Both Elissa and I have never had lobster before, so it was probably very funny for people to watch us. We were frightened of the creature that landed on our plates, complete with eyes and a hard shell that had to be cracked. It’s messy business, people. But the meat inside is well worth the crackin! Thanks to Mark Harris for showing us how it’s done.

Even though Laura Story (pictured with us on the left) had a flat tire on her way, we were so glad she made it. The entire festival was awesome and we hope next year we can come back.

Friday we flew into Portland, Maine after a long day of traveling through Denver and New York’s airports, and we’re loving the calm weather (glad the hurricane missed us) and seeing familiar faces. We were here in December, and though the temperate was much different, the folks were very warm and welcoming.

Maine is one of the states everyone must visit. My mom, Elissa and I just spent time at the Coastal Botanical Gardens and they are gorgeous! So many types of flowers and plants I’d never seen before. I’m figuring some of them won’t be popping up in Colorado’s rocky soil and high altitude, so its nice to see a variety of plants blossoming together.

We ate lunch today at Sarah’s Cafe in Wiscasset. (Learned how to pronouce that one the hard way) Across the street I was so amused to see this huge long line leading up to a small dinky shack they call “Red’s”. It apparentely makes the best lobster rolls, and tons of TV shows and newspapers rave about it. I definitely wanted to try one, but we timed it to see how long it took one couple to get to the front of the line. 45 minutes went by and they were still waiting!

We have a few days off and then a busy set of dates ahead of us.

Happy Labor day!

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