20 Days of Prayer for Today’s Girls

During the weeks leading up to the first Made To Shine event, dozens of women were praying for lives to be changed at the event. This was critical if we were going to see impact. At the event, we were speechless by all God did. Hundreds of girls cleared their schedules to come, many girls responded to receiving prayer at the end of the night and gave their hearts to Jesus.

There are so many massive battles young women are facing in our culture.  Are we on our knees contending for the hearts of this generation of young women? What would happen if we rose up together as one voice in prayer?  I believe the effects we saw at the first Made To Shine event will only be a slice of what we will see God do when we come to Him in earnest prayer for today’s girls!

Join us at 1:00 pm MST daily (starting Thursday March 13th) for an updated prayer post on our social media sites, Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram! Please share the prayer posts on your wall and timeline, to encourage your friends to join in!


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