If All You Do In 2015 Is This…

Photo Jan 12, 3 59 52 PM 2015 brings an onslaught of lists. Strategies to improve our selves, balance our schedule, be a better friend and experience moments worthy of memory books. Why so much pressure?

During a conversation over tea, a good friend of mine observed this frantic pressure at her local gym. On January 1 and the parking lot was so packed she couldn’t find a space. Every other day there was plenty of parking! Despite doors closing in less than an hour, people still piled in. New Year’s resolutions were hitting hard. Fast forward 7 days, the gym was empty again. Plenty of parking.

We want results. We want positive change. But it slips away all too quickly.

Snapshots of everyone else’s life scrolling past you on social media, can pull you toward a faux sense of meaning. Material treasures (even when a palm tree is included) are a shoddy comparison to eternal treasures. The latter are the ones I long for. During an early-morning-start of this year, Paul interrupts my usual new years’ resolutions planning, with these words:

“Put on your new nature. Be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like Him.” – Colossians 3:10


Concealed in the middle of Colossians, detected in the early hour with blurry vision, it jumped out at me. If all I do in 2015 is live this short verse, the treasure is within my reach. Far from a rip-off souvenir…it’s the real kind.

As fresh as the year is, Grace has carved out this beautiful path in front of us, inviting us to re-new. Commit to allow the Holy Spirit within to renew your nature as you are drawn into deeper relationship with Christ.

And since we all want results (hence, the reason millions are spent on fulfilling New Years Resolutions!) your result will inevitably be what Paul’s was.


And mirror Him in greater ways than in any years past.

Join me on this journey!


Photo Jan 12, 3 53 22 PM

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