A reason to celebrate (It’s Easter!)

I love this time of year.

For us in Colorado, the flowers are just about popping out, grass is turning green and I’m hiding Easter eggs in my backyard. Winter is in the rear view mirror (but it’s likely to snow again).

Are you like me, just a bit familiar – too familiar – with Easter? It’s here every year, when we celebrate at our churches and sing the songs to remind us of the cross, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But it’s not just another day on our calendars, a few extra days off work or a holiday filled with chocolate bunnies!

Hebrews 7 gives us a picture of how this powerful moment in history changed everything – and everything before had been pointing towards it. The climax to the greatest movie of all time.

“Jesus became a priest, not by meeting the physical requirement of belonging to the tribe of Levi, but by the power of a life that cannot be destroyed.” Hebrews 7:16 (Pointing to Psalm 110)

Without the resurrection, Jesus would have just been a priest like others had been for hundreds of years. But because He rose again, the power of His life – that is eternal – gives us power over sin eternally. Let this amazing news really sink in. I’ll just let the writer of Hebrews say it best:

“There were many priests under the old system, for death prevented them from remaining in office. But because Jesus lives forever, his priesthood lasts forever. Therefore he is able, once and forever, to save those who come to God through him. He lives forever to intercede with God on their behalf.” (Hebrews 7:23-25…the whole chapter is worth reading!)

You can be totally forgiven forever and free. No fear of the future, and completely confident that Jesus is enough. This one-time event (the resurrection) will never fail to cover you, cleanse you, and keep you.

Because Jesus is alive, and He never fails.

Wishing you all a happy Easter! He is risen indeed!

The Sonflowerz

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