Christmas Is Here {Elissa’s Blog}

This year I’m more excited for Christmas than I’ve ever been. I’ve finally caught the bug to celebrate and feel that giddy child-like enthusiasm anticipating the holiday smells, the company of my favorite people and my favorite foods.

Today we’re flying to Boston, a 4 hour non-stop flight. I can’t help but notice the semi-calming roar of the plane combined with a constant crunching of carrots and rice cakes in the row behind me. Someone eating? Or feeding their pet rabbit?

Christmas music plays in the airport terminals and everyone is generally cheery this time of year. I’m off to play a few Christmas concerts in Rhode Island and New York with 33Miles, where it’s warmer in this first week of December than my home state of Colorado (much to my surprise).

I don’t know why but this Christmas-y giddy feeling didn’t quite attach itself to me when I was a kid. It’s different. I’ll try to put my finger on it for you.

Lately, I’ve decided that celebrating is the best part of life. We work hard so that we can stop and enjoy the gift of life, the love we have in it, and Jesus! This is what makes all the mundane parts of life worth wading through. We celebrate by thanking God for His presence, and the company of family.

These holiday festivities remind me of what Heaven may be like – a celebration of the ages with feasting and family like you’ve never seen. Imagine the reunion of families, having been much too distanced and spent too much time apart, and colors of glory filling the sky, triumphant music everywhere. Jesus will the center of this celebration.


So, let your self feel the giddy excitement too. Christmas is coming.


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