Comparison or Joy?

Dear friends,

I love this time of year-the snow is beginning to melt and make way for green. It takes a bit longer here in Colorado to show it above ground, but I know a lot is going on behind the scenes before we see it!

That is so much like our lives-it is the hidden choices, the small details, that make all the difference in what springs forth from our lives. Either it is life-giving, positively impacting the people around us, or comes up short and leaves us still dry and parched.

Comparison is one of those temptations that is everywhere we look. It doesn’t take 5 minutes on Instagram before the feelings of inadequacy pop up.

People often portray only the put-together parts of their lives, the daily win vs defeat, the clean house vs the mess after a family birthday, the beautiful sunrise vs the dreary week of rain, the fresh salon hair vs the 3rd day hair. We all know this well!

How do you kick comparison and choose joy instead? I like to think about joy being the meditation on what God’s given us, at least that were it starts for me. Joy starts as a thankful thought: “God, I thank you for _______!” And don’t stop there. Meditate. Contemplate. Dig deep into why you are thankful, and how good God is to bless you in that way. Write a mental report.

Comparison and Thankfulness can’t co-exist!

The winter of comparison will give way to growth in thankfulness, which will bloom into joy. That’s the best kind of Spring I can imagine. And it can start today.


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