Easter Countdown (Elissa’s top 5 reasons to get excited about Easter)


#5 Chocolate Bunnies. If Easter is done right, then there will be chocolate bunnies for everyone. In England this is a huge tradition during Easter. And when I mean huge – I mean the bunnies can be a foot tall and outrageously elaborate. Stunning works of art really. Then someone breaks off an bunny ear and it’s all downhill from there.

#4 Egg Hunts. This was the most exciting part of Easter growing up. I have a secret hope that some year we will do an Easter egg hunt for grown ups. Why is this just for the kids?

#3 Daffodils. These beauties are the rare pop of color we get during early spring in Colorado. I went ahead and planted a zillion in my front yard. They are my reminder (through the snow we get in March and April) that summer is coming.

#2 Easter songs. We get anthems like “In Christ Alone” that give me chills every time I sing them.

#1 Jesus is resurrected! This is the greatest event in history. He is alive and I am forever grateful for the life I have through Him. Jesus rose from the grave after defeating all of my enemies. Sin has no hold on me. This is the greatest news man kind has ever heard. Now if we would only live in the life and resurrection power every day. Easter is my reminder that Jesus is victorious and so am I – every day. Add to your musical playlist “Victorious God” from Glenn Packiam!


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