Easter in the desert*

29.5 hours in this Chevy Express beast – the necessary vehicle for our long haul to Arizona and New Mexico. We had a eventful trip this Easter weekend.

My mind has already created a virtual scrapbook of the places and faces we’ve encountered. We had a day free to visit the Grand Canyon. Epic and almost unbelievable. I was standing on the rim looking a mile down. Yikes.

In contrast, Santa Fe, NM has a quaint plaza where artists sell their creations. We had Mexican for lunch today before walking past the historic Cathedral and art galleries.

While in Arizona, we spent a few days with a community of believers celebrating Easter together.

I met a new friend named Ken, a hairdresser, who shared stories of cutting hair for Country music stars back in the day. He is a generous person with a big heart and an overcoming testimony.

Our hosts, Peggy and Dennis, treated us like royalty and made us bacon and eggs one morning – that I will never forget. (Why is it that when I make bacon it turns out like beef jerky? Another subject…)

Mike, who ran sound for us at the church, inspired us with his way of serving with a smile.

Chad’s automotive skills came in handy twice when a tail light AND front turn signal went out. (Thanks AutoZone for letting us borrow your ratchets.)

Who would have known about a great little spot in downtown Las Vegas, NM called Charlie’s Spic&Span? Homemade donuts and tortillas… Thank you.

My mental scrapbook is coming together nicely, and all these new friendships and moments will be cherished.

Now, I’m almost home with a freshly brewed Grande Tazo tea in the cup holder as Bryan drives the final, glorious stretch of treeless interstate.


P.S. We managed to eat fast food only 3 times on this trip (virtual high-five). I caught the bug commonly known as “Trader Joe’s syndrome” after stepping inside one for the first time in Prescott. I may or may not be at the grand opening in Denver.

*A note on my title…when we arrived in Arizona, I was surprised to see that it wasn’t a desert actually. Prescott had beautiful evergreens and a variety of landscapes.

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