Evacuee. A word I never thought I’d be.

It’s hard to put into words what these last few days have been like. I never thought I would ever be called an evacuee, right here in my hometown. Wonderful friends greeted us with hugs as we arrived at their home outside of town weary, starved, and full of questions. Once our neighborhood came under mandatory evacuation, we did not have much time. We packed what we could, left most of our instruments and equipment, and dinner on the stove.

It’s been a quiet, peaceful time out east here where our friends have horses and land. I’m breathing fresh air (a huge difference from the thick campfire-like smoke we inhaled Tuesday). We plan each day around the scheduled press conferences, and I’m constantly updating Twitter to see what our local news station says. Every time I read comments from friends on Facebook and Twitter, I’m so encouraged that you’re thinking of us. Thank you for taking time to do that!

I’ve been hearing of people praying for our city, and I’m so grateful. Prayers carry us through, and remind us that we are in need to God’s grace when tragedies like this hit home. Not far from us are neighborhoods where homes have been destroyed. One of my favorite places to go, Flying W Ranch, is no more.

Yesterday the fire did not get closer to our homes, thankfully. We aren’t sure when we will be allowed back to our neighborhood, so for now I’m breathing as much fresh air as I can and visiting the horse barn often.


Video of me Overlooking the Waldo Canyon Fire

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