Flight Delays and Thoughts on Belonging

I’ve spent so much time in the Dallas, TX airport this week that I memorized the place. Got my guitar, iPad in tow and a carry-on roller bag. I think I’ll either write a blog or play my guitar for these travel-weary folks!

Before any music goes out I want to tell you about my weekend in eastern Pennsylvania. It welcomed us with lush green hills, winding rivers and the extravagant skyline of Pittsburgh. We came for the girls of Christian Center and surrounding churches near Belle Vernon for the I AM HIS retreat.

Preparing for this retreat stirred a lot of thoughts in me about belonging to God. When you think I am _____ what do you feed into the blank? What we do or how we feel is usually the case; lonely, happy, depressed, a student, a friend, singer…

When we fill in the blank do we ever just say I am His?

I’m boarding the plane home with my husband tonight – finally. With hours spent in this airport incurred by multiple flight delays and cancelations, I’ve had time to encounter a lot of people traveling. A Muslim man in a corner doing his ritual prayers, a business man making transactions on his cell phone, a woman frantically trying to get a standby on our flight. Our identity as a son or daughter of God needs to be the identity most prevalent in our lives so we can reach others and they find freedom in being God’s child too.


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