Flowers of the Son

Are you in?

At our concert in Berthoud last month, I was approached by 3 inquisitive kids asking if I knew that our name was misspelled. I wanted to laugh. Spelling my was downfall all of my years in school. But, The Sonflowerz is an intentional misspelling. Ha! So, thus began my explaining WHY we spell it way. Check out our video to get the full story here.

The idea of The Sonflowerz is suggesting that there is a type of people out there that are centering their lives around Jesus. It’s a community of followers. Believers. People who go around singing songs to God because they are looking to Him day in day out. This could be you. Are you a Flower of the Son?

Do you identify yourself as belonging to Jesus? And are you devoted to being like Him?
Does your beauty come from Him? Is God the source of your life?
Do you crave time sitting in His light, drinking the living water He provides?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a true Son Flower.

I hope something is clicking…that, yes, The Sonflowerz is a really world-wide group and you are all invited to be one of. ¬†You are IN.

Please post a response. Do you count yourself as a Son Flower?  Please share your thoughts with me!


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