I can see the finish line now…

We are six months into the creation of The Sonflowerz new record! After two flights to Nashville and countless trips to our studio here in Colorado, we are nearing the finish line.Mixing is under way.For all of you recording geeks like us, you know how intense this stage is!

Our two producers, Don Koch and Matthew Fallentine have really made the songs come alive.The album’s drummers Jared Henderson and Dan Needham, have brought the rhythm and rock with guitarist Chad Tipps (a.k.a. Elissa’s husband).Our friend Jared Anderson puts his vocals on a song too.This has been an amazing group to work with.

This summer we’re hitting the mid-west and ramping up the promotion of the new record, set to release in the Fall. We already have plans to be on tour from coast to coast once the record releases. You’ll find dates in California and Texas so far, with much more in the planning process.

So what is this record going to be about? We are waiting to release the title of the project, but I will tell you it reflects where we are as people, artists, and followers of Christ who live each day by faith. Seeing the world and all the problems facing us everywhere, tells me this is the moment we really need to know what true hope is. It’s not in our comforts, conveniences, wealth or fame. It’s not even in people, as good as they can be. Our faith has to remain on the solid rock, which is Jesus Christ. I am challenged everyday to put my hope in Him alone.

On another note, I am loving life as a newly married lady and learning how to cook for the first time. And it hasn’t been a Food Network show. If DIY’s “Renovation Realities” had a cooking version, I would have been on it a few times. And this high altitude doesn’t help!

Our pastor wrote a book recently called “Fear No Evil”.It’s about our church’s recent history. As I’m reading through it, I have been brought to tears several times. Other times I’ve had to shut the book and just let my mind and heart soak it in. Does that happen to anyone else when you read a really good book? The last book I tackled is a familiar one to most, “Radical”, by David Platt. I love to read, and finishing a book is the best feeling ever.

Our coffee table is home to a small rotation of magazines. No fashion magazines (yuck) will be discovered here. Relevant, Christianity Today, NatGeo and the Economist-to name a few. Elissa comes over and borrows the magazines, but that’s what sisters are for.

Check back with us soon for a release date for the new album! -Becca

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