Introducing MADE TO SHINE events

Our first Made To Shine night of the year was in our favorite Nebraska spot. Shout out to everyone in McCook!

We ran an experiment of sorts. It’s the hopeful launch of a girls event called MADE TO SHINE. Many more events are soon to follow.

In McCook, we devoted one night to get to know the young women better and share our hearts specifically on the topic of “shining”.  What does it really mean to shine for God like it talks about in Matthew 5:16?

The Sonflowerz mission is to inspire girls to live bold and beautiful for Christ. During these unique nights, it is about being personal, showing the girls their value in Christ, and how to reflect who He is to the world.

Shining doesn’t always mean standing out – being noticed like a rock star. But in whatever situation, each one of us girls is “salt and light”.

The 40 girls filled the evening with such personality and joy – they captured the essence of what it means to shine.  I loved hearing responses from Moms the next morning that their daughters loved it!

Our first MADE TO SHINE event was pulled off by a great team of volunteers at McCook Christian, and of course our fantastic Mom brought many pieces together to make the night flow.  We’re not the only ones that care about the younger generation. McCook’s community is blessed with women who are ready and willing to serve – even after a full week of VBS (imagine hundreds of kids running free around the church building 1 hour before we drove in. Um yeah.)

My favorite moment was our backstage Q&A (literally behind the stage, people) where we heard lots of the girls questions in the form of anonymous 3x5s. The majority spoke to the topic of friendships. This is so often a struggle for teens, yet friendship is a deep desire of every girl’s heart.

I like to think we set free a lot of God-shining girls into Nebraska that night!  They will bring the color, the salt and the light of Jesus by just being who they are created to be.

That gets me pretty pumped!

More on MADE TO SHINE girls events to come.


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