Journey Worth Taking {Thoughts from Elissa} Grand Canyon, AZ

Evaluate your relationship with God. Do you go to Him daily in prayer and worship? Even if…it’s while you drive to work.

Do you listen to what He is speaking to you each day?  Or is your relationship with God sort of a distant thing?  Truth is, our busy lives lead us to distance sometimes. Nevertheless, He doesn’t stop reaching out to us moment by moment. (Check out Hebrews 13:5 and 1 John 2:24)  So, the ball is in our court.  You may not always feel “goose bumps” when talking to God, but we should never stop engaging in conversation. He is listening (and check out 1 John 5:14; Psalm 145:19 & Matthew 7:7).

What about those of us who have been hurt in love, lost trust in relationships and as a result, have closed off to those we love?  Even if the people around you have abused you and hurt you, don’t expect that of God. He has a category of His own – He loves like no other.

But I wonder if some of us hold God at a distance because of the pain we have experienced in life. Do you push God away, building walls so he can’t come close?  God will be there – waiting for you to take those walls down – as long as it takes.  The journey to God is only a word away… but for some of us who have barricades up, it’s a big step to let Him in.

This is the journey of your life (real life, knowing your Creator) – and it’s worth taking. Don’t wait to start your conversation with God.


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