New song here! You’re The One

Friends! It’s a great day to announce a brand new song, “You’re The One”, produced by David Lee and Chad Tipps. Written by our very own Elissa Tipps, “You’re the One” can be streamed everywhere now! Lyrics below.

Verse 1:

I worship You
You’re the King of Heaven
I join the symphony of songs around Your throne
You’re the Champion of truth
Keeping every promise
Your name is matchless and Your kingdom has no end


Jesus Christ
The Lamb of God who died
Taking the sin and shame
Of all the world
Jesus Christ
The greatest sacrifice
Conquered the grave
Now You are raised
Life evermore
We worship You our Lord

Verse Two:

I worship You
You’re the great Defender
You silence every foe that dares to steal my peace
Every moment it’s You
Holding me together
My story woven by Your power, grace and love


You’re the One who was and is and is to come

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