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Sometimes, it’s hard for me to take statistics seriously and to really see them as individuals.  Can anyone relate?  Numbers can seem so disconnected.  Like, more than 9 million children under age 5 die every year. More than 6 million of these deaths are preventable.

Then it all happened for me when I walked the streets of El Salvador.  Breathing in the air, shaking hands and hugging young ones that came up running.

Recently, after one of our concerts, the Compassion table was buzzing.  A little girl urged her mom to let her sponsor a girl from Africa.  Though this single mom felt she couldn’t afford it, she decided to trust God to provide.  They took the plunge.  Her daughter was willing to find some odd jobs to help cover it.  I was so amazed when she wrote me just a few weeks later to tell me the miracle.  They did find jobs, and earned enough to sponsor for a full year!

I’ve got a basket full of maps in my office…state maps, trail guides, downtown directories… but this map here is different:

My husband Bryan made this at my request (isn’t he good?), it represents where Compassion works.  Each country represents a story, and chapters of the story are tragic and sad, unjust and devastating.  But when Compassion moved in, it started a new chapter of HOPE.  Each of us has the opportunity to help write this chapter, because we’ve been changed by God’s grace and salvation – we can bring that same grace and salvation to a boy or girl, and their family – and even their entire village!

Numbers are actually real people, and when we realize that we can touch one life that will cause a ripple effect, these “statistics” become an opportunity for God to surprise us.

Just like that little girl with wide eyes at our Compassion table weeks ago, we can have the faith of a child, and trust that our Father in Heaven will help us as we each take the plunge and sponsor a child.

And could it be that your heart will change?  Could it be that your gift to that child will be the greatest blessing in your own life?


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