On Taylor Swift and Singing Your Own Song

I remember at age 11 buying LeAnn Rimes’ CD “Blue” and singing it loud in my room off-key. Hope no one was listening…

That was truly the extent of my love for country music. Which ended when I stopped playing “Blue”…

Now entering my music library is Taylor Swift. Pennsylvania girl. Sold 5 million records of “Speak Now” and I’ve got her newest “Red” on my iPod right now. Everyone knows Taylor. So what’s the big deal?

I admire the way she walked away from a big record company at 14 when they said she needed to sing other people’s songs. Gutsy. But she believed in her own craft, her uniqueness, and that she wanted to have something to say that came from within.

This makes me think of something significant – Life is not meant to be lived pretending or trying to be someone else. You sing your own song. No one else will ever be able to do that. And yet, I wonder how many girls miss what Taylor is trying to say, while “oohs and ahs” come when she’s centerstage, wanting to be like her?

Hm. If she settled for mimicking LeAnn or Reba early on, would we want to be like her then?

Whose song are you singing? Besides your playlist, I mean, from your heart – is it your own song? God the Creator is really a very good songwriter (beats Taylor any day hands down) and our hearts are meant to sing. Try pressing pause before you skip to the beat of someone else’s looks, friends, family, status, or personality or Facebook page!

Where does this song of ours come from? Does it reflect the One within us who desires to show us how to become more like Christ?

Any song that becomes our own expression without being centered in Christ is not┬ábeautiful. It’s boastful.

You may capture an audience, a group of friends or fans, for a short time. But the greater song is sung as we learn to sing with God what He wants to say through us.

The world is listening. You communicate something with everything you do. So sing. No one else will sing like you, and isn’t that part of why God created you YOU? But sing with a purpose to lift up the greatest Name.


Leave a comment! What is one way we can sing for the world to hear?

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