Saving A Seat

My morning routine before church usually involves texting a friend or two a few short words: Save me a seat? I haven’t always been the most punctual! Whether I am off to meet friends for a movie or soccer game, I usually think ahead to save a seat for my best friends. It’s something friends do for each other, right?

If Jesus is our friend, I wonder what it would look like to save a seat for Him? Now, I’m not saying you need to reserve an actual chair and tell everyone Jesus is sitting there! That would be hard to explain. Instead, I’m talking about making space in our schedule to remember that He is with us everywhere we go, just like a friend.

There are days when this is seriously hard to do. We rush through a quick prayer over a meal, and then crash back on our pillow at the end of a packed day. There are still moments to be found, even in the busiest day, to find peace and stillness. By His Spirit, Jesus is there with you when you wake up with crazy hair, when you are brushing your teeth and riding in the car… or when your parents are fighting, when your dog digs a hole under the fence and when your littlest sibling is crying so loud you can’t think! He can be your comforter, your help and your friend through it all.

What does it look like to acknowledge Jesus in the middle of your day? All it takes is shifting your mind from what you are doing, or the hard thing you are going through, and turning your thoughts to Him. What is He saying to you right now? What does He think about this situation?

Another way to make space in your day for friendship with God is by reading His Word. When you spend time reading the Bible, you’ll be encouraged by His truth. When you hear Him speak to your heart, you can trust that it’s Him when there’s a sweet peace that sets in. He is always whispering “I love you” through His Word.

Some questions to ask yourself:

How will you make space in your days for Him this week?

What things in your life help you spend time with Jesus?

Keep shining,

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