Tearing Heart Threads

We’re at the very brink of releasing our first teen girls Devotional book titled “Made To Shine“! This work began as a seed in my heart 15 years ago. As a teen, my greatest prayer was for God to reach my friends across the world, battling with identity, self-harm, eating disorders, broken hearts and so much more. I wanted them experience wholeness, life and the love of Jesus like I had.

Fast forward twelve years.

Becca and I began writing three years ago. We swapped unedited pages and sharpened each other’s writing (two sisters tearing each others’ writing apart to make it perfect…not an easy task)! Buckling down with a great editor named Margot, we found ourselves very close to a finished work this summer, culminating in a 60-day whirlwind Kickstarter project to see it through.

Then the curve ball came.

It took staying home from touring and sticking out the long nights editing just to make this book happen by the fall of 2013. Well, we made it to the finish line, but not before a major battle. I guess there must be a battle to get a 15 year vision completed! Three weeks ago our team submitted the final manuscript to the printers and we received an immediate call from our typesetter. Something was wrong with document and it wouldn’t print. A file was corrupted and our team worked night and day to weed it out.  A second submission to the printer brought one more issue to the table. Stubborn, I tell ya! After resolving that, a THIRD issue came. Seriously?! I’m thankful to the designer, typesetter (Sarah!) and press who didn’t give up when nearly 30 versions of the book failed to print.

In the midst of this tug of war in publishing, my husband and I underwent a huge personal tragedy a week ago when his band’s van and trailer were snatched by a drug dealer (most likely) in Detroit. Devastated by our loss totaling thousands of dollars of priceless equipment, I stood at another battleline of faith. Believing God to restore, provide and complete the work He has given my husband and I to do – both writing and playing music with a saving message.

How would I respond to such a challenge of faith? 

The Holy Spirit and God’s amazing grace held the tearing threads of my heart together. And as I walked through the drama of all these things… I had to reorder some bracelets for our merchandise table. (Yes, one of the many little unseen, real life duties of a band girl.)  These bracelets are so sweet. The beads are wrapped together by paper with the fingers of Ugandan orphans. I called Cindy in Texas who visits these orphans 3 times a year – and first witnessed them making these bracelets in a refugee camp.  She offered to buy them and together they have built homes and provided food for dozens of these kids with the bracelets!

When Cindy picked up the phone to talk, she told me stories that caused my heart to melt. (Oh Lord, thank You for perspective.)  When these orphans lost everything, even their own families, they put their hands to work and God did something outstanding. He delivered them.

Suddenly I feel that my situation isn’t too great for God to move in and change.  If He can help these orphans who lost far more than I did, He will do anything.

Yesterday we had printing-press-victory and the book is shipping out! Finally.

God, You are good.


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