The Girls of MADE TO SHINE: Colorado Springs

What do you do with 200 pumped-up girls? Bring them to Made To Shine! Halfway through our first official event on Friday night, Becca and I stood backstage gave each other a big hug. “Look at all those girls?!?!”

Honestly, this night was a trial run. We had put our best foot forward, preparing many weeks for a message, promoting and getting the word out. Little did we know that the night would blow up bigger than we could have dreamed. God dreams bigger dreams than we can. This night was His dream.

Assuming 75 to 150 girls might be there, we made arrangements ahead of time. 80 girls had pre-registered, so we were in good estimation. But our husbands came back stage to inform us that the line of girls and moms was out the door at start time…

“Alright!” We were pumped. The response at start time was another sign on this life-long journey that we are made to reach the young women of this generation. Whether teens or pre-teens, let the girls come hungry to discover their true value and purpose.

There is a world in need of the Light – you can shine if you are up to the challenge!

The night proved to be pivotal for many who committed their lives to Jesus for the first time. When Calvary Worship Center’s youth pastor gave the altar call, lights down, heads bowed, it was time to be patient. God was moving. We waited and didn’t let the moment pass by quickly. Suddenly one girl, two, five, ten, twelve… they lined the altar as the volunteers and ‘breakout leaders’ (women who had served all night), met them to pray.


I met a girl about 10 years old who asked for prayer that her dad would see her more. Since her parents were divorced, she missed him. She added, “And I want to know God”. What a tender heart. Young but ready for God to fill the needs in her life. Isn’t this the ripe harvest we are all praying for? I saw it Friday night and I’m anxious for more.

Pray for us as we embark on this journey, that more churches would catch the vision, cities would be changed and a generation of young women raised up to know that God is good.


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