The Grammys, Adele’s red dress & why music isn’t my first love (my post-Grammy thoughts)

“I’m standing here because music was, is and will always be my first love.”

Did LLCoolJ really say music is his #1, above family, above God and fellow human beings? Perhaps he didn’t mean it to that extent when he opened the Grammys with those words.

True, music is a humungous part of some people’s lives and legacy. For many, it probably is their first love, just like anything else. Ask me what or who captures my attention and most of my time and I’ll show you what I worship.

What is tugging at your heart for worship? We are all made to worship something so whatever we spend the most time doing will be a pretty strong magnet pulling us in.

What sums up your purpose and meaning in life? God, our true first love, should be our final love. He gives amazing gifts because He loves us, purely and eternally.

Music is His gift to us, a treasure, designed to draw our magnetic hearts into a relationship with our Creator.

The highlight of my Grammy viewing was a fantastic performance by fellow Coloradans The Lumineers (check it out! Shout out Denver.) and the glamorous Adele whose dress was my favorite of the night and whose accent reminds me of England (miss it!). She is always so genuinely surprised to win, even with a mantel at home full of gold gramophones.

It was so cool that one of my new favorite songs, 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman, took home a Grammy.  I hope this allows so many more people to hear it, and be changed.

Oh, and was it just me, or did it rain on stage during Fun.?


Leave me a comment! What was your favorite performance of the Grammy’s? 

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