The One Thing

I watched a 16-year old girl called Malala from Pakistan speak to the U.N. today about her passion for girls in education. 

Malala survived a gun shot to the head from the Taliban and now she’s speaking to world leaders! I’m amazed at the potential of teen girls – aren’t you? 

What if a generation of young women realized their identity in Christ, became aware of the Holy Spirit inside of them and found a voice to really shine the LIGHT? We’re called to be history makers and light bearers!

The ONE thing I want to do with our music & writing is to see lives transformed by God. This is why we are printing our book for teen girls!

Join us for the journey. We can’t do it alone – help us take the message of MADE TO SHINE to girls across the globe.

We are actively writing the book this month – give us the encouragement we need to go the distance by joining our Kickstarter effort! 

Watch this video to hear more about the inspiration for our writing.

Thank you for visiting our Kickstarter page!

In His Grace,

“I love their gift for leading worship and how they interact with girls. The Sonflowerz bring a passion for worshiping Jesus.” – Michelle Hicks, LifeWay

“I’ve seen first-hand their heart for God and ministry. Singing and leading worship is the overflow of God transforming their lives. They stay until the last girl has shared her heart…” – Pam Gibbs, Girls Ministry Author

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