Thoughts on #LoveDay

Today is Valentine’s day.  Does it mean anything?

It seems like soon after Christmas, the Valentine’s day elves are hard at work at the store.  Then, the sudden disappearance of all things “winter” and now its red, pink, red, pink.  Hearts, flowers and candy.  In my neighborhood one house has a Valentine’s day flag hanging by their door.

But the thought has come to me that most of the world sees Valentine’s day as a time to receive love.  Get flowers.  Get a date.  Get chocolate (the darker the better).  Red roses explode in the front of every grocery store, because all women are the same, of course, and all want the same flower, and it must be ruby red, on February 14th of each year.  Slightly predictable.

White Daisies

Giving is better than receiving, and yet as girls, we think Valentine’s day is about us opening our hands and receiving “a red rose” instead of offering a white daisy.

This week I’m looking around to see where I can give.  Love is more than warm fuzzies and red heart candy.  To reduce it to the colors red and pink is to miss the true meaning of love.

Love is a well, but many of us are empty.  We’ve stopped giving love because we don’t have any.  Or, at least we don’t think so.  We’ve forgotten that wells are filled by a taste of true love.  The love of God.  Then drinking it in.

If you want to fill up again, this happens by sitting, resting, leaning, listening, and opening up.  God is a better source of love than myself, and to know Him is to know love.  Why wait?


Please share! What do you think of V-Day, and what kinds of gifts do you plan on giving those you love?

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