Three Powerful Words & The Sonflowerz New Release

Pre-Order Coming Soon

Pre-Order Coming Soon

What do you think are the best three words ever recorded? Perhaps “I love you” or “You are Mine”. I think of three words that my mom used to say to us girls when we doubted ourselves. Hearing her soft voice, so reassuring, say, “Yes you can.” Pretty amazing to hear. But, today I am excited about three words that mean the most for me in this moment, “It is FINISHED!”

The pages of Made To Shine represent almost 7 years of work finally complete. Becca and I started writing to you, girls and those who have a heart for teen girls, back in 2009. Daily devotionals to inspire and take you back to what matters. We wrote about knowing God, who He is to you and who we are in Him… You helped us kick-start this project in 2013 when together we raised over $12,000 to get this book out there and organize events to take the message across the nation. We met you at the events, your daughters, and their friends. Ohio, Wisconsin, Kansas, Colorado, Oregon… It wasn’t long before stories came in, of girls reading the book, it impacting their life.

Some could imagine the story ending there – but in 2014, Discovery House Publishers got a copy of Made To Shine devotional. It was exactly what they were looking for to impact a younger generation. So, we partnered with them in 2015 to make this Devotional the very best it could be. The book was critiqued and crafted all over again – and what came out of that careful attention to detail is something I am extraordinarily proud of.

The first week of April 2016, “Made To Shine: A Girls Only Devotional”, releases with a brand new look and feel. This revamped edition includes 2 newly written devotionals, song story segments from The Sonflowerz songs, and a fresh online playlist to go with the daily read. Award-winning editor, Paul Muckley, says, “Since I have a young teenage daughter, I felt a special privilege and responsibility in editing this book. It’s clear that Elissa and Becca have a heart for girls, and they write with passion and power on important topics–who God is, how we know Him, how we can live lives that are both pleasing to Him and personally fulfilling.” Moms will find the book a perfect fit for ages 11 – 15, as well as many older teens who will receive a foundational message that they are loved by God and created for a purpose.

“It is Finished” are very powerful words. When you look behind and see all the work that has gone in to arriving there. When you remember all the doubts you had starting out. When you trusted, had faith and dreamed.

Jesus said these words, too, and they resound throughout history. What He completed cannot be compared to what I complete. But, if I accomplish anything, it is because He accomplished the work of the cross first. We share in His victory! He gave us a place to begin – a new heart, a new life. It is out of the overflow of this truth that we write and create.

Soon we’ll have a pre-order available for the 2nd edition! Thanks to all who have been part of this journey with us. We can’t wait to see what God does next.

Elissa & Becca
The Sonflowerz

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