Through Smoke (blog by Becca)

A certain Needtobreathe song, Through Smoke, comes to mind today. Mainly because I’ve been living in a cloud of smoke since Saturday’s Waldo Canyon Fire sparked in a hot, dry Colorado Springs summer day. We’ve had record temperatures (100 degrees is not normal for us in June, at 6,000 feet!) and as I write this, things have gotten worse. “As a crow flies” I live a few miles from the blaze.

Despite a quick run to the store for a week’s worth of food, my day has been contemplative and prayerful – I can’t help but feel sorrow as I see a blood red sky at 2pm, and planes fly over the foothills. I get to live in a unique, scenic, diverse state and it’s a retreat when I’m off the road. But not today.

There was a moment on Saturday that I considered how I would pack and evacuate. What would I bring? Where would I locate my important documents quickly? No mandatory evacuation for my neighborhood yet, but there is still the chance. Nothing is certain.

Hmm, sound a bit like the life we live. Certainty, a rare thing in our journey. Peace, on the other hand, is not a rare thing. It’s the deep calm that your heart feels even through a turbulent time when you hear the words, “buckle up, its going to be bumpy for a while”.

The last few days have made me cling more to the One person I believe has all things under control, despite my questions for Him about what will happen and how long we will live under this cloud. My hope is for those without a home right now, is that they know this kind of peace that surpasses understanding.



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