10 Top Tips for Shining (part 1)


We’ve heard you say, “How do I live out being made to shine practically?” Well, here are our Ten Top Tips! Starting with the first 5…

(1) Connect In
It’s springtime, and the cracked dry ground seems to be calling out for a good, long rain to soak in. Once that happens, it’s not long before small green shoots emerge (and the daffodils…gorgeous!). Water is necessary for life, for growth and things flourish after a Spring rain! In the same way, our soul needs the “rain” from the the Living Water – Jesus. There is no other source we can run to that would replenish our dry hearts. Stay close to God, and what will result is an overflow. Seek the Source – by daily choosing to set our focus on God and connect with Him. To be in an intimate relationship with God is the greatest joy in life (and essential to shining your light)!

(2) Be a Peacemaker
Inevitably, you will find yourself in a situation that needs peace, sooner or later. When your friends or coworkers are talking over lunchtime and the conversation turns negatively about someone who isn’t present, what do you do? God has given us the task of bringing the peace of God wherever we go. First, pray and then allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to action! Rise above the temptation to take sides, and simply change the subject. You are in good company – with the Prince of Peace – when you avoid offense and bring reconciliation into any situation.

(3) Guard Your Heart
What we believe about ourselves begins as a thought. Invisible yet powerful, thoughts eventually grow into beliefs of the heart – these form into action. Guarding your heart begins by throwing away any thought that isn’t true. If you find yourself with a handful of negative thoughts forming belief in your heart, replace them with the Bible’s truth. God wants us to believe the truth about Him, and ourselves, stemming from our identity in Christ.

(4) Be Generous
There is a spark in the air during a certain time of year. Glowing lights decorate everything and music is always on in my house. Yes, I’m talking about Christmas! It seems easy to be generous in December. What about April, March or October? Those who shine are ones who give – we are marked by generosity. It’s a way of thanking God, and responding to His love for us. Simple acts of generosity and kindness open the door in someone’s heart for God. They bring warmth and light to cold, dark places, so Jesus can enter.Top Ten Tips for Shining by The Sonflowerz

(5) Rest
We live in a nonstop culture. Social media never ends, and there is always so much to get done outside of school, work and church. Still, God set the example when He rested on the 7th day after creating the entire universe. His strength is without limit, yet He rested. Why should we pause and rest? Avoiding burnout, is one reason. But another is because it resets our priorities back to God and what matters to Him. And in these moments, we will hear Him best.

…We will follow up with part 2 in a week!



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